/ Josh Austin

Don't Waste COVID-19

reading a book

If it’s still April when you read this page, chances are very high you are reading from home. While many solutions (both technical and non-technical) been implemented to combat COVID-19, it’s not too late to lend your skills! Helping people save lives will far greater worth in the long run than playing that next game level on your Nintendo Switch or watching the final episode of Tiger King.

Obviously, if you decide to help outside of home don’t be reckless either and follow the recommended safety precautions. 😬

Not sure where to get started? Here are some ideas:

Ask around. Someone in your vicinity might need something as simple as a small website. Personal relationships are the best starting point for finding and filling needs.

Help With Covid is an actively maintained project corraling both volunteers and needs, including non-developer needs!

FaithTech just had a global 1-week COVID-19 hackathon completed and many entries will need additional help. If faith-based initiatives are your jam, this is a great community to join!

Block COVID Virtual Summit starts on Saturday the 11th to apply Blockchain technologies to solve problems within that niche. What better time to learn Blockchain than now?